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Diverse Learning Environments



During a toddler's 18 to 24 month period, there is a great deal of development taking place. In this age group, we can expect complex emotions, pretend play, independence, walking, and a lot of first words. Reading, talking, listening, and playing with each other are all ways to develop skills. In addition to everyday skills around this time, toddlers are more eager to do things on their own. 



The 2-3 year old class at World Changers Academy Preschool is designed for children who are just beginning to participate in group activities. We consider toilet training a vital part of our program for children two and older. To guarantee success at home and school, teachers develop a plan with parents. During the first few months, children learn basic shapes, colors, name recognition, and numbers. The goal is to teach children that God loves them, Jesus is their friend, and that they can love Him. Children learn basic Bible lessons and recite simple Bible verses. At two years old, children know their likes and dislikes and enjoy repetition and routine. We make sure to introduce new activities slowly, based on their likings and dislikes.

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At World Changers Academy, we aim to make sure that our four and five-year-old students are ready for kindergarten socially, emotionally, and academically. Teachers provide opportunities for children to explore their growing need for freedom and independence in a safe environment. Teachers provide classroom experiences that give children the opportunity to explore and investigate, keeping in mind that children of this age love to ask how and why questions. In addition to basic phonics using Zoo Phonics, students learn proper writing techniques, writing letters and numbers, counting, sorting, and paying attention to detail while drawing. Children are actively engaged in discovering the awe and wonder of God's creation as they gain knowledge about His care. Students learn about God's goodness, Jesus' love for children, and the plan of salvation through Bible lessons and verse memorization. Creating an atmosphere where children feel valued and appreciated becomes a vital part of the curriculum. 


Kindergarten is designed for children who turn 5 in the current school year. Students in kindergarten receive instruction in math, reading, phonics, handwriting, science, geography, history, and art, as well as topics related to the Bible and Christian character values. Kindergarten students begin to combine letters and sounds to read and write. They also learn sight words and adding and subtracting within 10. Students experience hands-on science activities while exploring what God's word says about the scientific method. Teachers provide active learning activities and technology to engage students.

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