Amazing group of trustworthy, genuine, and loving people who run World Changers Academy. I'm a mom who's had bad experiences with corporate daycares, and have had a hard time trusting my kids with anyone. The staff here have made me feel comfortable leaving my children with them. Great family orientated program. I highly recommend checking them out.

Alicia - Mom of Two

I cannot say enough about Erica Mejia and her family. Erica and her parents welcomed my granddaughter with open arms from the start. They have made going to preschool a safe, fun, and a wonderful learning experience. My 2 year old granddaughter has learned so much already. She can count to 20, knows her colors and loves to read with her family. And best of all is learning about Jesus. World Changers Academy is quite a treasure to the Dixon community

Amy - Granddaughter

World Changers Academy has been a great help to both of my children.  My son who attended WCA when he was three years old was very well prepared entering Kindergarten.  He was well advance in his class and pre-reading thanks to WCA. My daughter who has been attending since she was 18months is very advance in her years.  Her academic and social skills, cognitive skills have prepared my daughter of what is expected of her when she attends Kindergarten.  I cannot not say, enough about WCA on how they have prepared my daughter for academic success.  My daughter has also obtained a strong foundation in servicing Jesus and a love for others.  Thank you WCA or making a difference and impact in my daughters and sons education and a solid foundation for Jesus.

Dolores - Mom of Two

Our daughter began World Changers in summer of 2015 and we have watched her excel academically, spiritually, and socially. We are so grateful for all the staff at World Changers Academy. They have become family to us and care for our daughter just like one of their own children. We love World Changers and recommend it to everyone!

Chrissy - Mom